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Loftljós úr Vire línunni nýtt

22.900 kr - 22.900 kr
22.900 kr
22.900 kr - 22.900 kr
22.900 kr

Ennþá  bætist í fallegu loftljósin okkar. 

Beautiful lamp from the Vire series of Chic Antique. In tune with the other items from the Vire selection, this lamp has a lampshade in metal with a stunning cut-out pattern with leaves. The delicate detailing creates an amazing atmosphere and lets the lamp cats a soft and stunning light.

Hang the lamp above your dining table or desk, or as a decorative mood lighting in your living- or bedroom.

The Vire Series
The Chic Antique Vire series is known for its stunning metal design with delicate patterns. Both lovely lace-like patterns, organic leaf patterns and patterns with an oriental touch brings life, elegance, and edge to the items of the Vire series.

The series contains a wide variety of products. Beautiful lanterns, lamps, wall décor, candle holders, and etageres are among the Vire selection.

Material: Iron
H36/D30 cm antique bronze