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Skrifborðstóll Rattan

79.900 kr - 79.900 kr
79.900 kr
79.900 kr - 79.900 kr
79.900 kr

Dásamlega fallegur og þægilegur skrifborðsstóll sem hægt er að hækka og lækka.

Hjólin rúlla vel og þægilega

Complete the home office with this stunning office chair and integrate it with the rest of your décor. This amazing French office chair from Chic Antique, is handmade in solid birch wood with French wicker details on the backrest and the padded seat.

The back- and armrest is shaped to provide excellent comfort, and with the touch of a handle, you can adjust it to your preferred seat height. The wheels perfectly compliment the design with its antique looking iron.

The design of the chair is elegant and light, and will fit both a contemporary, rustic, and romantic décor style. And besides the home office, the office chair will spread beauty to both the office, reception or conference room.

Material: Birch wood, Rattan
Can carry up to: 100 kg
Seat height: 43 cm, 54 cm

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