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Led Stjakakerti há 2 saman

4.900 kr - 4.900 kr
4.900 kr
4.900 kr - 4.900 kr
4.900 kr

Litur: Hvítt

H28/D2 cm white

Fást í nokkrum stærðum

Battery: 2 pcs AAA

Hægt að kaupa fjarstýringu sér 

LED candles with lifelike 3D flame
Our amazing LED candles have a real wax surface and a lifelike flickering flame. The beautiful candles create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in any room without sooting or posing a fire hazard, as you know it from ordinary candles. You can place the lights anywhere and turn them on or off from a distance with a remote control, making it easy if you have the candles in a window sill high up or inside a display cabinet. Remember that the remote control is purchased separately.

Fits with: Remote control can be purchased separately 710759
Other information: Incl. timer function for 6/18 hr