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Kollur/Borð/Stóll Gamalt skólaborð frá Indlandi

18.900 kr - 18.900 kr
18.900 kr
18.900 kr - 18.900 kr
18.900 kr

 H70L61/W45 cm nature

Charming Grimaud table from Chic Antique filled with history. The small table was originally used as a school table for children in Indian villages. We love giving new life to old treasures, and these old tables will look amazing as a plant table or a small console table – the possibilities are many.

The Grimaud table is handmade from patinaed iron and recycled, solid wood that witness its old purpose. The tabletop is removable, and the legs are foldable for easy storing.

The Grimaud Series
The Grimaud collection is a selection of unique pieces – old artefacts and items made from beautifully patinaed, recycled wood. And it helps add both warmth, soul, and history to a home.

The collection includes lovely décor pieces, as well as furniture. Common for all Grimaud is the traces of a previous life and purpose.
Giving new life to old treasures is the philosophy behind the foundation of Chic Antique, and the Grimaud collection is the epitome of just that.
Please notice, that all Grimaud pieces are unique and not two are alike. This means that they may vary in shape, size, and type of wood.


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