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"Factory" Spegill 90x90cm

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29.900 kr
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29.900 kr

H90/L90/W2 cm antique black

This beautiful mirror is from Chic Antique’s Factory series recognised by its edgy design. It is handmade with an antique black iron frame that has a raw feel, yet the simple black lines also provide an elegance and a minimalistic touch. This makes the stunning mirror fit in with most décor styles, from industrial, to romantic to a Nordic décor.

Use the Factory mirror in the hallway, the bathroom, or as a lovely decorative mirror in the living room, to add more light and a sense of space to it.

The Factory Series
This piece is part of the Chic Antique Factory collection, which is known for a more industrial look. Dark tones, clear lines and often use of iron, creates a raw and rustic expression and a factory feel.

The products in Factory style compliments each other beautifully, creating a common thread in your décor. However, using a few Factory styled products in company with classic or even romantic pieces, creates a stunning contrast and emphasises one another.