Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Barista



Almond Breeze Barista Blend

Wake up and smell the dairy free coffee! Our new Almond Breeze® Barista Blend is a rich and creamy, dairy free milk alternative, developed in partnership with baristas. This industry first has been designed to complement espresso drinks with the lovely nutty flavour of almonds. Baristas love it because of its workability – it stretches without splitting, making it the perfect (and of course, delicious) dairy alternative for latte art.

Our Barista Blend also contains 30% less calories than regular OAT milk*. It’s also cholesterol free, naturally low in sat fat and vegan friendly. And just like the rest of our Almond Breeze® family, it’s made with the finest California almonds grown in our very own orchards.

(Almond Breeze® Barista Blend er nú fáanleg í fyrsta sinn á íslandi, og fæst líka ísömuleiðis í Hagkaup and Melabúð.)

*Compared to regular OAT milk and based on a 200ml serving.